Changing Negative Perceptions to Positive Perceptions



“Life is like a coin.  You can spend it on anything but only once”. 

If actions mimic environment, then your perceptions will reflect which side of the coin-of-life you spend most of your time.

One side will hold you in negative values, beliefs & attitudes while the other side is an open space of possibilities.

It may be true that the negative perceptions from your belief system start twisting you into its web from birth.  But it’s also a fact that the worth you give yourself can be changed to coax self-empowerment back to life.

 Ego Deals the Cards in the External World!

Ego is a self-made identity finding its strength in low self-esteem.  It thrives on creating drama in your life and use the loud voices of the external world to spread & confirm the false identity that you are building of yourself.

This environment of speed & competition fill your senses with ticking clocks, overwhelm thoughts with endless chores & obscure free will with the need to impressing others.  A space generous in promoting negative thoughts draining you of your value.


Living Life from Outside Inwards = Ego Rule = False Identity = Slave of Negative Perceptions


The Sound of Silence

The other side is silence created for you & in you. It’s a breath of fresh air detached from external urgency, irritation & deadlines. Focused on this space you know that every single molecule & cell in your body were crafted in perfect harmony & purpose planted in your heart.

A place where you walk with your Creator in a garden full of opportunities awakening your senses to your uniqueness & power.

Drawing your energy from silence will fill you with light, love & peace the foundation for coaxing your power back into awareness & positive perceptions of self & others.  There is no reason to argue, fight to be right, explain yourself or feel the need to proof yourself as worthy.

Living from inside out your potential becomes a fact not possibility ~ a life without wondering because you know who you are.

Living Life from Inside Outwards= Positive Perceptions = Strong Self-Esteem =Empowerment!

Ego has been the dealer of your emotions for a long time but you can crush it into a blubber of mere nuisance with time, patience & practice.  It’s a lifelong process of growing towards the best you that you can be.

ending of Perceptions


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