Inspirational Quotes on Building Walls Around Your Heart


As mentioned, everybody has walls varying from not good enough emotions hiding behind Alcatraz walls ~ to good enough emotions with healthy boundaries allowing one to function in the present.

I’m hard at work maintaining healthy boundaries in my life concentrating not to fall back on constructing my own Berlin Wall.

Building walls for me became automatic ~ sensing danger would send me into a building extravaganza.  Any sign that a person or situation could hurt me was enough to retreat further behind my walls keeping me in & everyone out.  I didn’t trust anyone & told myself I was in control.  Not true!  Fear made me reject life & love.

Control & fear feeds one another ~ entertaining the one will serve the other, keeping you rigid behind your walls. 

Breaking walls ~ once I set my mind on replacing the walls with boundaries I took the first step into awareness ready to risk, trust, give AND receive love.

Maintaining boundaries is the tricky part! This is where reality kicks in faced with everyday challenges & stuff ~ lots of stuff!  I still get moments feeling like a Dandelion Seed Head believing that the slightest down can blow me into pieces.

The Irony of Life

Life is mysterious with a sense of humor ~ sometimes I get the irony ~ often I don’t…  There will always be stuff the only difference between then & now is that I choose to see ups & downs as opportunities to grow.

 Out of courage & believe flows empowerment allowing flexibility in a constant changing world. 

 Get into a habit of breathing inspiration, energy & balance into your life ~ take a moment to see yourself alive & coping in the here & now.

We may be delicate flowers but within each of us there’s enough strength to withstand storms & spread pure beauty.








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