Authenticity ~ Believe in Yourself


 What percentage of you do you allow the world to see & what’s keeping you from showing yourself to the world?

The Need To Belong

Being stuck in believing that we’re not worthy enough makes our worst fear of being alone come true.

The need to belong is universal it’s not by choice but by creation.  In other words by allowing fear to keep us locked within ourselves we become disconnected that keep us from living from our hearts. Continue reading Authenticity ~ Believe in Yourself


Authentic You. Whose Thoughts & Feelings are You Entertaining.


If we’re superiorly & artfully created as unique individuals each with his/her own gifts & temperament, then why & how do we end up ‘misplacing’ our authenticity?

The sad answer is that we live in a society that frown upon uniqueness & cheer for sameness.  Being just another fish in the sea makes it extremely challenging to remain true to our core self.  Continue reading Authentic You. Whose Thoughts & Feelings are You Entertaining.

Setting Healthy Boundaries


In my last post I shared with you some inspirational quotes on breaking down the walls that keep you from living a full & happy life ~ I hope you found it helpful.  Today I’d like to talk to you about boundaries ~ the replacement of walls.

Boundaries the most Important Aspect of Balance

Boundaries = a line which marks the limits of an area.  Setting clear & healthy boundaries is one of THE most important aspects for a balanced life.  It shows who you are & who you’re not ~ it differentiate us from one another by drawing a clear line of where you end & someone else begins. Continue reading Setting Healthy Boundaries