Authentic You. Whose Thoughts & Feelings are You Entertaining.


If we’re superiorly & artfully created as unique individuals each with his/her own gifts & temperament, then why & how do we end up ‘misplacing’ our authenticity?

The sad answer is that we live in a society that frown upon uniqueness & cheer for sameness.  Being just another fish in the sea makes it extremely challenging to remain true to our core self. 


Authenticity1.Quote3The World Expects Sameness

We aren’t given long to enjoy a life of authenticity because from very early ages we are subjected to judgement & shame, from our home environment, culture, friends, social environments & media.

Educational institutions & society force us into a box were we eventually blend in with the masses that firmly secure us in a not good enough space. 

Not allowed honesty, truth & natural expressions we live a life not nearly worthy of our true capabilities. 

This creates a need in us for something more, something better.  The danger in these feelings are that a lot of individuals turn to the wrong things to satisfy the need in them.

Substance abuse, eating disorders & getting addicted to drugs, gambling, sex etc. are some of the methods that thousands use to fill their emptiness. 

Authenticity – Don’t Despair

Authenticity1.Quote.SignatureDon’t despair. 

Courage can break you out of this confinement!

By taking responsibility of your life ~ standing up for yourself  & allowing your light to shine you can live an emotionally true life.

The only way to fill the emptiness inside of you is to live authentically true to yourself & close to God.

Gather your courage & accept the daily challenge to live in an authentic manner because nothing compares to living your own story & finding your purpose, under the care, acceptance & love of the Creator.  

Your authenticity will inspire others to do the same.  

Connecting Spiritually

I connect with my higher self & God through nature, music & animals ~ during those moments when I struggle to stay true to myself & the downward pull of outside voices get almost too loud I turn to my connection points.

What help you to connect?  Find yours & try to make it a daily exercise.  It will help you to stay focused.

One of my favorite songs that I frequently listen to {over & over & over again}is ~ Sounds of Silence by Disturbed ~ he sings the song with such passion!!

The song is about a dream were institutions take freedom away from people. The Silence that’s referred to is the silence of the people, afraid to stand up. The person in the dream tries to bring people to speak out.

As all hope is about to be given up, someone steps up & takes action starting the beginning of rebellion.

May you be courageous & take control over your live.Remember you are capable of great things!!!



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