Authenticity ~ Believe in Yourself


 What percentage of you do you allow the world to see & what’s keeping you from showing yourself to the world?

The Need To Belong

Being stuck in believing that we’re not worthy enough makes our worst fear of being alone come true.

The need to belong is universal it’s not by choice but by creation.  In other words by allowing fear to keep us locked within ourselves we become disconnected that keep us from living from our hearts.


Accepting Vulnerabilities

You can’t live an authentic life & be in control of your life.  The two doesn’t go together.

Let go & let God

Authenticity is accepting your vulnerabilities & living with it seeing it as a necessary part of life.  Those true to themselves embrace their vulnerabilities ~ believing that what makes them vulnerable also makes them unique.

Authenticity2.Quote2Vulnerability vs Control

As much as vulnerability form the core of shame & fear & struggle for worthiness is it also the birthplace of joy, creativity, sense of belonging & love.  Running away from the one means that you will also miss out on the other.

Control on the other hand is to make it your job to appear to be good enough by perfecting yourself, your partner & your children.  Taking control into your own hands means that you are out of line & causing harm.

Listen to the TED talk of Brené Brown about The power of vulnerability (one of my all time favorites)

Change Start with You

What about you do you want to change &why?

Change is being more of yourself & less of the world.

Sometimes authentic people are perceived as the weirdo’s, misfits, rebels, troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes because they are different.  Guess what?

We’re supposed to be different!!!

I’ve been called strange, a weirdo & funny up-stairs more often than not ~ and it’s okay because it’s MINE!  The bonus is that it comes naturally without any effort or thought.  Don’t you see?  It’s so much easier being yourself ~ you can’t get it wrong or screw it up!!


To embrace your authenticity you have to allow yourself to be seen.

Authenticity require acceptance of self.

Self-acceptance is the only way to let go of who you think you should be & to be able to connect deeply with others.

 Those few with a healthy sense of worthiness show courage & a strong sense of love & belonging.  Simply put, they have the courage to be imperfect ~ have the compassion to be kind to themselves first & then to others.

My life motto is to live life with a pure heart ~ never stop learning & growing ~ remember that all that I am & all that I accomplished & will accomplish is by Grace alone.  The rest will fall in place.  And for that I am thankful forever…


I leave you with a song that I call my prayer song ~ Waterfall by Jake LeBoeuf from the album Radiance.


Be true to yourself banner


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