How To Handle Complicated Boundaries


Setting boundaries can be necessary to keep body ~ mind ~ soul healthy & balanced. Although each are unique they’re linked to form the unique individual you are. Therefore an emotional draining relationship will in time affect the way you think ~ feel ~ behave.

Boundaries will differ according to the type of relationship ~ needs ~ purpose of relationship ~ emotional wellbeing. So as complex individuals with own temperament, character & personality relationships will be equally complex.

Unhealthy Boundaries

Never set boundaries from a space of anger or revenge. Do to others as you would have them do to you…

Be careful not to set boundaries from your own vulnerabilities. Using boundaries to avoid unresolved issues will not work to your advantage. In the long run it will resurface influencing the way you approach people. Choose to see it as an opportunity to grow.

Types Of Relationships

Surface relationships can more easily be ended if there’s no other solution ~ not that I’m implying that it will be an easy process.

Setting clear boundaries with family & long-term relationships are much more complicated.

Cutting Ties

Although boundaries are usually enough to continue with the relationship there’s always the exception to the rule.

Sometimes setting boundaries allow the needed space to be able to recognize how destructive a relationship has become.

It’s very difficult to remain unaffected by hurtful comments ~ actions especially coming from a significant other. If the boundaries can’t relieve the pressure the relationship probably reached a stage where it’s breaking you down ~ causing self-esteem problems.

You are the only one who knows to what extend the relationship has taken you ~ making you the only who can change the situation.

Dealing With The Loss Of A Relationship

Cutting ties leave one with mixed emotions in different degrees ~ ranging from relieve to a sense of loss.

It’s important to allow yourself to go through these emotions.

Don’t try to fix ~ change it.

Don’t ignore it ~ brush it off.


Don’t get consumed by it ~ you’ll get stuck unable to move forward ~ heal ~ grow.

If you don’t acknowledge & allow your emotions to run its course it will find ‘voice’ through your behaviour ~ thoughts ~ feelings. Influencing future relationships in a negative way.

Give yourself time to work through your emotions while remaining gentle ~ loving ~ patient with yourself.

You will get through it wiser ~ with the capacity to nurture current relationships & grow deep relations equally rewarding to all parties.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Be true to yourself!



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