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The normal flow of life consist out of a mixture of good days & bad days where we celebrate milestones & work through struggles.  Mostly our life scale are tipped towards feeling overwhelmed in a jam-packed world programing us to believe that we are not good.  In this box of black & white time is the enemy speeding of with us making life a blur & stealing joy.

Remaining in this box is a betrayal of yourself missing the person you are meant to be!

You are called to explore your true self.  Fact is you are the only one that dictates your circumstances & your choices not only influence yóur live but also flow over to the people around you

To embrace your vulnerabilities & allowing yourself to BE may feel like being in the middle of a risky situation.  The truth is that this journey isn’t nearly as dangerous as staying trapped in a world of illusions with the potential of taking away the essence of who you’re supposed to be.

To feel good enough will be the bravest thing you’ll ever work towards with the most benefits to self & others!

Here at the good enough blog it’s okay to have flaws ~ after all its your perfectly imperfectness that makes you different from the person next to you.

Each one of you are a fascinating beautiful mess of colors.   SO…STOP … trying to fit in.  By the way it will not be allowed here only people with beautiful flaws & messiness are allowed ~ in this space everybody are good enough!

 Practice Acceptane

About Michele

I LOVE red M&M’s {the ones with peanut butter in the middle} well kinda anything peanut butter-ish.  I’m a vegetarian at the cost of my friend’s endless witty remarks.  Most of the time I’m in my own head somewhere between Narnia & Wonderland {with my jar of peanut butter!}  I’m utterly & totally useless with dates & always running late.

I believe there’s a positive in every dark moment & try not to take myself too serious often laughing at myself.

My heart belong to my friend of 25 years & husband for 22, another huge space are occupied by my 18, 14 & 10 year old children & the remaining space are sold to my four legged children!

I completed my BA degree in Psychology, Honors in Theology & currently, studying through NCCA {National Christian Counselling Institute}, & doing a course at IPC {Institute of Christian Psychology}.

 Nice to meet you

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An insight look at my life



As a shy girl I felt out of place throughout my school years.  Just to damage my already lack of confidence I was told {during the school career choice thing} that my dream of becoming a psychologist was out of my reach.  This made me feel that no one could care what I felt & all my dreams shattered just a little bit.



During my twenties I realized life did not play so fair & that words can hit just as hard as bullets.  Struggling to hold on to my dreams I started to believe in failure blurring the map/purpose of my life.

Fading away into my thirties growing towards my forties I realized that fitting into the world’s box was never meant to be.



The light went on & I got it {took me long enough }

I’m taking doubt & fear apart & packing it up.

I can’t always control what happens to me BUT I can always control my reaction. Turning the tables on the illusions & taking ownership is my best DAILY decision.

I’ve got me for life & choose to ignore the outside noises ~ rather feeding my inner self reaching for my dreams.

Life is not about the question why but lessons learned in time.

Life does not consist of only two levels {success & failure}.

LIFE IS evolving & ever-changing & it’s necessary to go through several levels throughout life where I will experience moderate success & temporary failure & many more variations that could never qualify as either success or failure!

I need a variety of experiences as part of life’s normal learning process.  Adjusting to changes {for the better} is part of the deal.  So I will get through stormy weather with color!!

This perfectly imperfect journeys is not a straight shot to glory & definitely not a quick easy process.  Instead life is unpredictable consisting of small steps where struggle form part of everyday life.

I embrace the good with the struggle ~ after all its MINE & I’m owning it!!



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Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself!

Please leave your comments, I’d love to hear from you.



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