Parenting 101


Sitting in a Gr1 chair {feeling like a misplaced giant…} I anxiously listened to the goals that my daughter would have to conquer in one terribly short year. As if not stressful enough teacher dropped her closing sentence do not do for your child what he can do for himself“. Not music to my ears as a 1st time Gr1 mommy. I left the classroom all gloomy thinking sis that’s mean….

Get Into The Messiness Of Parenting

We survived Gr1 & settled into our routine for the next 11 years. The ‘mean’ words must have had an impact on me because I noticed it became my measuring stick when doing chores for my girl ~ in truth it became my parenting mantra.

You see, I didn’t feel comfortable with the words because it directly implied the long & hard way of parenting ~ getting into the messiness of going through all the necessary stages rather than waiting the messy one’s out.

Understanding Parenting

Occupied with the guessing game of parenting ~ I had a lightbulb moment fast forwarding me to a new level of understanding parenting. All due to the words of a very wise teacher that made me feel uncomfortable enough in my vulnerability to push me to re-think the words.

Why is it so important not to do for your child what they can do for themselves?


Your heart melt seeing that little body ~ still dressed in baby fat ~ drowning in school uniform.

How can you not help them?

You may further argue doing their chores yourself is quicker ~ less of a mess.

 I know ~ I felt it too.

We Are Not Parenting Children

We’re not parenting children ~ we’re parenting adults.

Encouraging your child to do what he can for himself will have a long-term effect on the way your child will see himself  ~ it will become a healthy perception.

By motivating children to take part in age appropriate responsibilities is showing them that you trust them ~ their abilities. Praise them more  often than not ~ it’s NOT about how perfect the bed looks ~ don’t redo it ~ it’s the effort that counts.

It’s the very first step to independence ~ self-worth ~ feeling good enough.


To be continued…

In my next blog I’ll share some parenting gems that I picked up from own experiences as well as formal knowledge I gained from studies & research along the way.

Please join the conversation ~ I look forward to hear more about your insights & parenting stories.

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